UAV’s Will Increase Safety On Construction Sites

UAV’s On Construction Sites

Drone in constructionThe use of drones in construction is set to grow as legislation eases and more benefits are discovered.

For some, drones just provide a great form of aerial photography to get a bird’s eye view on a project, for others, the additional 3D scanners and cloud software mean more accurate mapping and effective communication of ideas.

Another advantage of using UAVs that cannot be overlooked is safety. With the right equipment and practices, site safety records could improve.

 Identifying problems before workers put themselves at risk

The most obvious safety aspect about using a drone in these situations is that they can be used to fly into areas that may not be safe for site workers.

If there are concerns about an area that may pose a safety risk and site managers require a close-up inspection, it makes much more sense to send in a drone equipped with a camera than a human worker.

By flying in a UAV, operators can get up close to an area of interest and instantly relay images to all those involved in the potential repairs and decision-making process. Workers only need to get into the area if it is deemed necessary.

Improving construction site safety

One of the most important capabilities of these drones is that they can provide quick, effective mapping solutions and topographic images to give site managers a clear view of the area.

3D scanners and LiDAR have come a long way and the quality of this data is continually improving. This data means that construction companies can identify potential problems and structural weaknesses from these aerial images with greater speed and accuracy.

This could save time and money on repairs and labour if the issues are caught in time.

Keeping an eye on workers

The final consideration here is the fact that these drones are often great surveillance tools on large work sites.

This means that not only can they keep an eye on intruders and potentially protect the site against theft, they can keep an eye on the workers too.

There is always a chance that site workers are cutting corners and not operating under correct safety procedures. By doing so, they could be risking their lives and the reputation of the company.

High-resolution real-time images can help to flag up problems with worker safety before they get out of hand.

Protecting workers – and saving money

Drones may initially seem like an expense, but they can save construction companies time and money by carrying out difficult inspections with ease and improving safety records.

With this new technology, companies can make sure that hazardous situations are monitored from a safe distance, that they have clear, real-time data on the situation for effective decision making and they can keep an eye on the safety standards of their employees.

In the future, widespread use of these UAVs in construction could save a lot of lives.

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