Inspecting Utility Lines And Towers With Drones

Drones in utilities

The Electric Power Research Institute has been looking into the prospects of using drones in power line management.

In October 2015, the research institute  held a three-day workshop with different utility companies to discuss the options available.

By using simple drones, nothing more than a small helicopter model with a few sensors and a camera, they were able to carry out a safe, clear inspection of lines at a hydroelectric plant in the Catskill Mountains.  This type of drone work is also used in farming and land surveying to gather aerial data.

This sounds great for technological progress in the industry but while there are potential benefits, there are also obstacles.

There are clear advantages to using drones in this line of work

Drones in Utility and power line inspectionThe benefits of using drones in this capacity are clear – these simple machines … Read the rest