Inspecting Residential Construction Sites With Drones

Drone technology began in the military but has since moved to the public market for many applications.  The drones are used for home insurance claim inspections to survey the exterior damage.  The drone’s camera can see if there was bad wind storm damage to the roof, windows, and garage doors.  Once the claim is paid the homeowners can start repairing the garage doors on  The claims adjuster can see multiple properties in a short amount of time.

Also, for residential construction site inspections, a drone flies easily and quickly over the site.  Other uses are photography & videography for realtors, the news, or social functions, search & rescue missions, and crop & livestock surveillance in agriculture.  Amazon even started testing drones for product delivery!

When looking at different drone brands, it is important to note that their design is for different applications, and those offered for filming, for instance, will be different from models to be used on construction sites.

Remember that they are like any other product and feature a varying range of quality and technologies. If you plan to use drones for inspecting residential construction sites, then you must have top-quality camera specs and capabilities.

Choosing Drones For Construction Inspection

Finding drones for residential construction is an effortless process especially since many certified drone manufacturers are offering the product in the market.

Nonetheless, finding the right drone for your needs requires a detailed review of the features and specifications. You must ponder aspects such as ease of flying, maneuvering, quality of images shot.

Drones For Construction

Drones may be required to meet certain standards before the sale to the final user, but they certainly do not have the same performance. Some of the things to consider include;

  • Brand And Model Reputation

Not all manufacturers that provide drones will guarantee the same level of quality and service. Some brands are better and feature improved technology while others offer basic drone models with limited additions.

By looking through expert reviews and analysis as well as reviews, comments, and testimonials from previous customers, you can gauge the level of quality and technology a given manufacturer offers.

In addition to the brand, you should review the model in question. The model you pick will depend on your unique needs and the level of technology required.

  • Experience And Professionalism

It is advisable to use drone manufacturers that have been providing UAVs for a while. Although drones have only recently expanded to the public market, they have been available for quite some time, and some manufacturers have a broad range of UAVs that are a couple of years old.

Choosing experienced operators does not necessarily mean you will get better quality. However, they are better suited to meeting your needs and boast profound knowledge gained from their years in the field.

Most drone manufacturers will exercise a level of professionalism, but it is still important to find companies that send expert professionals to represent them.

  • Customer Service And Support

One thing with drone application is the inherent, inevitable need for support services. You need to maintain communication with the manufacturers in case of any challenges.

Repair, reconfigurations and maintenance services will also be sourced from the manufacturers to keep your drones at optimum performance. You should, therefore, find manufacturers with various communication platforms and accessible support 24 hours a day. Exceptional customer service and proximity are all important especially since you will need repair and maintenance.

There are other minor aspects to review such as cost, size, weight, additional features, and technologies. Once you have a couple of top reputed brands offered for residential construction inspection, proceed to review these aspects before comparing price and making the final decision.

Kespry Construction Survey Drone

Kespry is a renowned manufacturer of standard quality drones used in real estate inspection and survey of residential construction sites.

They build unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) referred to as KADS (Kespry automated drone systems) and offer an aerial intelligence Kespry cloud platform.

Kespry drones are specifically designed for aerial inspection and a quick survey. They take still imagery before processing them into high-resolution 3D models that include contour lines and elevation.

These drones can survey any part of the geography regardless of whether it is a construction project, a pit mine, quarry, terrain segment or road surface. They offer high definition pictures that distinguish items such as materials and equipment from temporary construction. They also offer automatic stockpile volume calculations.

Kespry Construction Survey Drone

The Benefits of Kespry Drones

The benefits of using Kespry drones in residential construction inspection are quite evident and straightforward. UAVs have become a replacement for the aircraft and helicopters originally used to aid such investigations. Their benefits include the following;

  • Cost-Effective

When compared to the alternative (aircraft, pilots, operation hours and fuel) drones are very cost-effective. The cost associated with manned aircraft is just too high, and drone operation does not include them. At an operational level, it is cheaper to use drones for inspection than any other alternative. Kespry just ensures the drones are affordable and top quality.

  • Safer

Drones are safer as they are remotely controlled, and humans do not need to be at the high-risk positions like rooftops and tall towers. They can also maneuver tight corners and take difficult images that would require a great amount of risk even to attempt shooting.

  • More ROI

The concern of ROI is present for any large equipment especially with how fast the initial investment can be recovered. Considering that drones significantly reduce the operational costs when compared to using manned aircraft, your business will be saving more on expenses.

Drones also make it easy to inspect construction sites more often, and the value of collected data leverages technology. Your company will spend up to 25% less using drones, and you do not have to wait too long for ROI although this depends on the expense of your activities.

There are many advantages of using drones in construction inspection. Kespry drones are in line with all the federal and statutory laws provided to govern the operation of UAVs. They also depict top quality features and improved specs to allow application in various sectors including construction.

Finding models that will suit your business requirements should not be a daunting task if you choose top manufacturers. Some can even provide customized UAVs to meet your purpose especially if you handle large scale operations.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that when hiring a construction inspection company it’s smart to make sure that they have experience in the industry. I think that would help make sure that everything would be done right and you would have more information. Thanks for detailing how construction inspections can be done with drones.

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