Drones For Window Cleaning? Why Not?

Drones To Wash Windows

Window cleaning is a job that nobody enjoys because it can be so difficult to not only achieve a sparkling result but to also reach all the windows of a home or  tall office building in a safe manner.

Calling on a professional cleaning service is the way to go for many office buildings and apartment blocks, but even then these cleaners can struggle with windows on the highest floors.

One solution for homeowners that wants to do things themselves is to use a window cleaning robot.

The idea of using drones for cleaning sites is becoming much more popular

Drones for Cleaning SitesCleaning robots and drones have started to prove their worth in recent years, as developers create models that are more capable of carrying out a decent job with minimal interference from the human operator.

The last thing that buyers want to be constantly guiding the machine and putting in the physical effort. A great example of this is the new WINBOT W830.

The WINBOT 830 showcases the evolution of the original WINBOT robot. With this model, users should be able to press a button on the device, set it up on the window and leave it to get on with the job.

This is designed to be a completely hands-off approach and there is even the inclusion of a remote control, so users can program the tool from their desks.

The creators state that the product is ideal for office blocks with large windows, as well as smaller domestic use, and can be used on both windows and mirrors. The suction is strong, but the cleaning action is still gentle enough not to damage the window.

This diverse ability comes down to the use of smart sensors and a tough cleaning program. It can cover the whole surface area of the window with precision and ensure that buyers achieve a great clean without having to resort to scrubbing.

All users have to do is spray the cleaning solution onto the pad, place the robot onto the surface and press the button. The robot will then carry out the measurement, determine the route, clean the whole surface and return to its starting position.

This intelligence also means that it can navigate around obstacles like handles and latches. Additional features include the backup battery pack, a safety tether to use when cleaning the outside of the window and washable cleaning pads to absorb the water and dirt.


The WINBOT 830 may not be classed as a cleaning drone, but it is the next best thing for a lot of users

The remote control use of this robotic cleaning machine and the lack of rotors means that this is still classed as a cleaning robot rather than a drone, and certainly, cannot be considered a UAV.

Despite this, this development is still great news for those that dream of drones flying beside their building and washing their windows.

With this and the development of UAV’s for cleaning solar farms, it should not be too long before we are using drones for cleaning sites in a much wider context.


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3 thoughts on “Drones For Window Cleaning? Why Not?

  1. Dear Sirs:
    As the technical manager of a construction company, I would like to request quotation for our latest under-construction towers in Cairo, Egypt. total height of each tower is around 100 meter.

    1. Dear Ahmed,
      Please reach out to the manufacturer directly. We are just presenting this as an option for people, but we do not directly sell this device.
      Thank you for reading our article.

  2. Wow. Even window cleaning is now upgrading its tools for cleaning. Btw, this is probably the most “it actually makes sense” kind of post I’ve seen on this subject. Best part… I didn’t have to go digging through some weird web design to find it. Awesome! PLEASE keep posting new material!

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