Drones Are Reducing Risks In Mining

Drones In Mining

Drones in MiningDrones are often seen as a revolutionary or futuristic tool that will soon become the norm in a number of industries.

What some people fail to realize is that drones, or UAVs, are already an important tool in certain industries. Mining, for example, has long seen the potential of adding a fleet of these unmanned vehicles to their arsenal.

They not only provide great data collection equipment and save a lot of time and money, they also help to improve safety.

Canadian miners are now turning to drones such as the eBee

This is certainly the case in Canada, where the mining industry takes a whole of vast areas of the often treacherous landscape.

Here companies, such as GroundTruth Exploration in Dawson City, have looked into the use of drones for mining for many years and … Read the rest